So over Black Friday…..

Black Friday, is made out to be the most awaited time of the year.  Thanksgiving is often overpowered by the commercials for Black Friday.  You wake up Thursday morning, and if you get the paper, it is full of  store “specials”, of course everything is in the fine print! Like 55″ TV $199, but the catch – there are only 10 available in the store.

I must admit, I have participated in the Black Friday frenzy,  but not to the extreme like the people who camped out since Monday at Best Buy.  This year I had no plans of going, but my 13-year-old thought it would be fun. So for the fifth time in my life, I got up at 4am, not by choice but by my daughter standing over my bed saying, “Mom, get up,” and off we went.

Of course, 4am this year was late by Black Friday standards. So many stores were opening at 12am, and some were open for Thanksgiving. Which really stunk, because my son had to work, but luckily he got off in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Unluckily for him, he was back at work this morning!  It is just wrong. Have we as a country become so materialized that even holidays are not respected anymore? What’s next, Christmas?  The worst part is that stores were not even that busy, and the thought of all those employees missing time with their families!

So back to our shopping. My daughter, who like all of us eat too much, was feeling sick but still wanted to continue on! We ended up shopping for a whole 2 hours, and at two  whole stores. Why? Well, for one the SUPER buys were surely gone by the time we got there (4:30), and the other – it was a complete mess! She was happy though. She got to get some cool stuff she wanted at Hollister and American Eagle. I on the other hand did not even bother looking. I did the smart thing – I shopped online! I got my son his Christmas present at a good deal from Best Buy Online without having to leave the house at midnight, or wait in line for DAYS!  And when we got home, I found some cool deals on boots and jeans!

So Black Friday, I say goodbye to you! I refuse to wake up early again! I also hope my son gets out of retail so next year he can be home with us. I must say, I feel for all the young kids working since 10pm Thanksgiving who were so tired they could no longer think clearly, or were so hyped up on caffeine drinks that they were going 100MPH!


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Esther is a ten year Santa Clarita resident. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is a Realtor with Keller Williams VIP Properties, and would enjoy helping you buy/sell your home.

2 responses to “So over Black Friday…..”

  1. Susan says :

    Good to know I didn’t miss out on awesome door buster sales since the thought of waiting in line for a sale is just crazy to me. I’m sure it would be fun to participate on a black Friday now and then but not at the expense of making people work on Thanksgiving. Its sad to see the how this holiday, a day meant to be celebrated by giving thanks and being surrounded by our loved ones, is becoming more about black Friday. This year proved that by stores opening on Thursday & midnigh Friday. Im all for great sales, but no item is worth camping out for days, waiting in line for ours & dealing with the crowds.

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